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The purpose of this patient-focused Veterinarian position inherently involves providing excellent veterinary care to our  full-service hospital patients and customer care to their owners. The Veterinarian represents the mission and values to all clients. Our Veterinarian sets the tone within the technical and customer support staff in the hospital, and is responsible, like all team members, for fostering cohesion and motivation within the team.

All hospital staff are responsible for performing their duties in a way that creates an environment in which:

  • the patient’s needs always come first

  • every team member understands that they have the power to do what it takes to create an exceptional customer and patient experience

  • contentious issues are dealt with and resolved as they occur when possible, or as soon as is possible

  • exceptional teamwork and commitment to shared goals benefits the entire organization

Essential Job Functions:

Listed are the essential duties and responsibilities that are required of this position. This section includes the primary accountabilities or duties of the job. The candidate must be able to perform all the following duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation:

  • Provide excellent patient care by performing physical examinations, diagnosing and treating diseases, and providing preventive care according to patient lifestyle and location on feline and canine patients.

  • Utilize a problem-based approach that includes developing a complete problem list for every patient examined, a complete list of differential diagnoses for each problem identified, a complete diagnostic plan, and appropriate treatments based on interpretation of diagnostic test results leading to confirmed or suspected diagnoses.

  • Document all patient observations, findings of exams and diagnostics, treatments and medications, client interactions, and tentative and confirmed diagnoses in the medical record in a concise and detailed fashion, according to practice convention.

  • Perform routine and complex surgical procedures including (but not limited to) spays/neuters, abdominal exploratory, and mass removals.

  • Perform routine and complex dental procedures including full dental examination, evaluation of dental radiographs, as well as simple and complex extractions and oral surgical procedures.

  • Develop treatment plans for patients undergoing day hospitalization based on complete problem-based assessment. Transition patients to overnight care as needed and communicate effectively with referral hospitals in order to ensure continuity of patient care.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in rounds as incoming or exiting doctor at beginning and end of shifts.
  • Disseminate knowledge to staff in order to improve the level of care provided to both the patient and the client.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.


This position will impact the organization by contributing to the growth of a productive practice while focusing on a high-quality standard of care. From an overall hospital organizational standpoint, this position is critical to ensuring that we have a cohesive, well-trained, and motivated team. The desired end result is the creation of an optimal environment that ensures employee retention, patient well-being, and customer satisfaction.

Work Environment:

The majority of job duties are conducted in the Hudspeth Animal Hospital veterinary full-service hospital. Position requires bending, kneeling, lifting (up to 30 pounds, as necessary), and standing for long periods of time. A large amount of this partner’s time will be spent in direct contact with clients and their pets.


This position will regularly communicate with clients, veterinary specialists, and companies that provide products and/or services that the practice utilizes.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an AVMA-accredited veterinary school or its equivalent

  • Active licensure as a veterinarian without contingencies in the state in which the hospital is located

  • Must be friendly, outgoing, “people oriented,” and have a sense of humor

  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Must be compassionate and sympathetic, and be able to maintain a professional attitude and demeanor during emotional and stressful situations

  • Must have telephone and computer skills

  • Must be a team player willing to learn new techniques and treatments, offer creative ideas, and accept change

Medical insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Life insurance
  • Employee discount
Digital radiography
Dental units


The Vet Examines A Puppy In The Hospital. The Little Dog Got Sic

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