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Zwinger Dembless (Kennel them bless) was created by Dr. Glyne Greenidge as an expression of love and appreciation for the German shepherd dog. He has been breeding German Shepherds since 1998. The ultimate goal is improvement of the breed. He strives to create mentally and physically sound Shepherd dogs. Breeding is done on a very small scale.  Puppies are made available only to select homes. Imported puppies are available for purchase to select homes. Please contact us for further details.

About & Beliefs
Dr. Greenidge is a practicing veterinarian, clinical scientist and author. He is a member of the American veterinary medical Association, Georgia veterinary medical Association and society of veterinary theriogenology. Despite his interest in many aspect of veterinary medicine; theriogenology has always been of particular interest. The creation of a breeding program to produce superior German Shepherd dogs has always been a passion. Great research and time has been invested in formulating methodologies to achieve this goal. Dr. Greenidge believes there should be one reason for breeding and that is to improve the breed.  Dr. Greenidge often says there is no perfect dog; however, they are many great ones. He states the first goal is to produce sound temperaments. Good breeders breed the best to the best and hope for the best. Mother nature will always have surprises.

In recent years there have been new developments in the scientific world that gives us the ability to gather information based on DNA analysis. The information gathered from DNA analysis coupled with information gathered from the pedigree, time spent with sire, dam, grand-sire, grand-dam, and progeny, is analyzed before a final decision is made on breeding pairs.

Today the breed is divided into two categories: the working dog and the show dog. The working dog typically has more working drives (chase, kill, guard) while the show dog in most cases has significantly reduce working drives. Breeders have chosen to selectively breed along these lines in effect creating two separate breeds within a breed. For the family environment where owners have no aspirations to do certain activities then the showline line may be more ideal.
If the owner is interested in competitions such as schutzhund, herding, search and rescue, bomb detection, drug detention, personal protection and agility, then the working line may be more suitable. The levels of these natural drives varies among dogs, hence, each dog must be chosen based on their individual temperament, drives and character.


The price of individual puppies or dogs are based on pedigree, training, cost for general care and money spent on medical care. Our goal is to provide quality companions.  We reserve the right to reject requests to purchase from persons we deem not qualified. We import puppies and adults from West Germany; Some are made available for purchase. This is done on a very small scale.  Puppies typical are priced at between $2500 – $4500 USD depending on the aforementioned criteria. Please research the breed before contacting us. The purchase of a German shepherd dog, or any animal for that matter is a big decision, have some idea about the breed and what you want before calling us.

We have a guarantee on each dog or puppy sold. Please click on the link below for details. Please contact us with questions or concerns. Reservations are recommended to preserve the desired puppy.

Veterinary Service
Dr. Greenidge is happy to provide veterinary services to German shepherd purchased from our kennel.


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