Our dogs are members of our family. We understand that pet parents may be concerned with news of a reported upswing in Canine Respiratory Illness across North America. These resources offer tips to keep your furry friend healthy and safe!

Expert recommendations:

VACCINATE WISELY I Ensure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations to safeguard against common respiratory suspects. This is especially crucial for social dogs, who may have increased exposure to potential pathogens. Consult your veterinarian on vaccinations and maintain a regular vaccination schedule.
ISOLATE WHEN SICK I Just as we would keep ourselves or our children home when they are unwell, the same goes for our pets. If you suspect your pet is sick or exhibiting respiratory signs, such as coughing or sneezing, isolate them from other pets to prevent the potential spread of illness.

CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN I Early detection and intervention are key to managing respiratory illness in pets, especially for those at high-risk, including:

• Unvaccinated dogs
• Very old or very young dogs
• Dogs with underlying illnesses
• Flat-faced breeds
(like Boxers, Pugs, French or English Bulldogs)

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