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Established in 1968 by Dr. Eddie Hudspeth, we were founded on love, grounded by passion and built on integrity.

What we do

At Hudspeth Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services to care for your pet.


Boarding & Grooming

We practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness for guests and patients staying with us.


Our hospital provides a wide variety of in-house diagnostic testing with the most state of the art technology available.

Digital Radiography

the use of radiography gives us a view of the internal organs in your pet's body that we otherwise could not see. It's an important diagnostic tool that helps veterinarians detect and prevent illnesses.
exams consultation

Exams and Consultations

Regular exams and checkups are a critical component of your pet’s health care. We advise all pet owners to bring their animals in for routine examinations.


There is a simple, safe, and effective way to ensure your pet's safety and retrieval should they ever become lost. Microchipping is a standard procedure that implants a tiny chip underneath your pet's fur. It is a painless and relatively fast procedure, and is completely safe.

Nutritional Counseling

Pets’ nutritional needs change as they enter different stages of their lives. The best way to make sure your pet's needs are being met is to consult with us about a diet made specifically for his or her lifestyle.

Oxygen Therapy

Many animals can benefit from oxygen therapy. This treatment allows the bloodstream to utilize more oxygen, thereby promoting faster healing. Oxygen therapy is useful for a wide variety of cases such as wounds, abscesses, fractures, and much more.


Having an on-site pharmacy provides you with a more convenient way to get your pet’s medication. We hope that this will save you time and ultimately enhance your experience with us.

Pet Wellness Plans

Regular checkups through our Pet Wellness Plans allow us to establish a baseline in your pet's health and make us aware of any changes that may indicate future problems.



Surgery is very stressful on you and your pet! It is our job to assure you that your pet is in good hands. We will do everything that we can to take good care of your pet while he or she is staying with us.


We only use state-of-the-art equipment so we can diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible. Because of this, we offer ultrasounds as a way to quickly and efficiently diagnose your pet.


There are a variety of diseases which affect our pets and other animals. This makes proper vaccination vital in protecting them from the many types of illnesses they are susceptible to.


Hudspeth Animal Hospital

Why we are different

At Hudspeth Animal Hospital, we believe in treating every patient as if they were our own pet, and giving them the same loving attention and care. We are a team of highly trained, experienced animal lovers who are devoted to giving patients the best care possible. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.

From Our Caring Clients

Learn about what our pet owners say about us and our services.
“They were amazing. My husky sprained his knee while playing at the dog park and we called because he was moaning in pain and we didn’t know what was wrong. They answered right away and had us come in. They diagnosed him right away and gave us plenty of options. We felt no pressure and decided on an x ray and medicine. He came home right after and is much much better! Everything the doctor said was accurate and it was at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend! They took great care of our baby!” Theresa Arway

Dog Owner

“I was very satisfied with the service here. I went for an emergency visit on a Saturday night for our new puppy. The staff was awesome and Dr. Greenidge was the best. She had been hit by a car and he did a thorough examination of her along with x-rays. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail as we went over the x-rays. I highly recommend Dr. Greenidge and his staff.” Cooksey Steel

Dog Owner

“Professional service with a caring staff.l really like the service at Hudspeth.My cat was treated like she was at home.This is the place to take a pet in need of care . Thank the staff and hope they open 24 hours all week long.” Nellita James

Cat Owner

“They saved my dog Charlie’s life and I am forever thankful. Came in on a Saturday after a horrific accident and they went to work. Recently had the bandages removed and was told that the sutures were sewn in excellently. The nurses and receptionist were caring and friendly, and the doctor was honest and thorough. Explained all medicines and procedures. Thanks again” Aaron Sataloff

Dog Owner

Pet Perspectives

Hudspeth Animal Hospital and 13WMAZ are teaming up to share insights on a happy and healthy life from a Pets Perspective. Each month, Dr. Glyne Greenidge will share his expert advice.

Pet Perspectives

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Finding A New Best Friend

A cool article from when I worked as a Veterinary Technician at the North Shore Animal league on America. It is the largest no kill shelter in the world. "She was the first one I saw," said Pogozeski. "I just fell in love with her." Kelli was one of hundreds of...

Your Pets & Fireworks

Your Pets & Fireworks

Tips for keeping your dogs, cats and other pets safe and happy during summer celebrations

Returning to Regular Hours Starting May 4, 2020

Returning to Regular Hours Starting May 4, 2020

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has led us to revise our protocols. Hudspeth Animal Hospital has made changes and will continue to make changes to our protocol deemed necessary to protect the health and well-being of our staff, clients, pets and community.

COVID-19 Update: Sick Pets

COVID-19 Update: Sick Pets

Due to the ongoing pandemic caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus we have decided to see only sick pets over the weekend hours. Boarding services will continue. All owners are to follow the guidelines below.

Our COVID-19 Protocols

Our COVID-19 Protocols

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has led us to revise our protocols. Hudspeth Animal Hospital has made changes and will continue to make changes to our protocol deemed necessary to protect the health and well-being of our staff, clients, pets and community.

Heartworm and Other Tests for Your Pets

Heartworm and Other Tests for Your Pets

All right, so let’s talk about what they consider checking for heartworms. We will hear the term all the time about doing a heartworm test. There are tests that only check for heartworm disease, but here what we do is, we do what we call a full DX, so that’s the full diagnostics. It checks for heartworms…

Bloodwork for Your Pets

Bloodwork for Your Pets

Today, we’ll talk a little bit about blood work. What is blood work? That’s the question. When it’s mentioned about doing blood work, it’s not just as simple as testing the blood, because testing the blood, we can do that for many different reasons. But when you hear the term blood work, which is used in a general term, it doesn’t give specifics as to what’s been done. What we hear sometimes is where a client may say, I had blood work done at my regular vet a week ago, why do I need to do blood work again?

Georgia Fleas

Georgia Fleas

Quick talk on fleas. Dr. Greenidge here, Hudspeth Animal Hospital. Fleas are pesky, and for me, there’s nothing like the Georgia flea. They’re very aggressive, they are difficult to get rid of. And so here’s my recommendation; keep your pets on year-round preventatives, right? Because if you get fleas in the house, it’s very difficult to get rid of them for several reasons, right? So here are my recommendations to reduce the chances of fleas infesting your pet.

Urinalysis for Your Dog or Cat

Urinalysis for Your Dog or Cat

Today, we’ll talk a little bit about urinalysis. What’s urinalysis? Urinalysis simply means analyzing the urine. In veterinary medicine, this is very important, but often neglected. It gives a lot of information because, of course, a part of the urine evaluation, the urinalysis, is the urine chemistry.

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